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Since this blog was launched in September 2008, there has been over 166 articles written on a number of topics related to marketing, business and management and the audience readership continues to grow each month as we start to take on guest writers.  If you would like a particular subject such as Paid, Analytics, Domains, Search, Social Media covered or have a news tip please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Article Authors

David Iwanow

Author Bio: David is the marketing director of The Lost Agency a web analytics firm with a focus around seo and sem campaigns. He is also a guru blogger for, Technorati, Search Engine Journal, Stay On Search, Dynamic Business, so why not check out his professional Facebook page David Iwanow.

Jethro Batts

Author Bio: Jethro is a management focused entrepreneur who is working on a number of startup and consulting projects.

Amrit Gill

Author Bio: Amrit is a in-house search catalyst specialising in blue chips joining the dots of traditional marketing with new, who also blogs at I Am Search

Elise McMullen

Author Bio: Elise is a New York based travel writer who runs several successful blogs around Words + Images, her travel stories Galavant Girl and has just started F Life.

Primary Editor: David Iwanow

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