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logo_microsoft_office2010Forbes today covered news around the Microsofts hints about the move towards office in the cloud and how they hope to expand the current market as only 4% of office productivity applications are web-based.Microsoft's web development team seemed to have moved faster than their marketing team as a recent update has exposed their new Microsoft Office 2010 release.  Rafael Rivera tweeted the accidental release office mini-site release around 4 hours ago.The new Office 2010 mini-site has a number of preview videos that talk about many of the much anticipated Office 2010 web applications plus some amazing new features never shown in public.Was this a private pre-release to show media/tech buyers that was not to be publicised or tweeted about? It is likely it was just a time zone error, that enabled the web servers to release Office 2010 mini-site. This is a common issue with complex CMS systems, having a administrator the only person who can utilise the publish button can sometimes save embarrassment of an early release.Office 2010 Product ReviewWe have taken time to view all the presentation videos that were displayed on tech blog "istartedsomething" and listed some of the new advanced features of Office 2010, so please enjoy and more features will be rolled out by Microsoft as the product moves closer to release.  As the one of the presenters points out the theme of Office 2010 is to "Bring Ideas to Life".Microsoft Office helps you work from anywhere as it moves to take the product into the online/offline world with collaboration features. The popular new ribbon feature now the common menu system for the whole Office suite. Office offers improved co-authoring features, powerpoint broadcast, central backend for common printing/sharing tasks.The new central backstage view allows for common functions such as: Set permissions, Save as PDF, Send Via Email,New Print settingsoffice-backstageMicrosoft Word 2010Office works towards making most actions 1-2 clicks away New formatting tools 3D effects, shading & glow More Creative Smart Art Visualise & Arrange Documents More of a content management system Document Map allows for outline view Can create subsections for pagesoffice-authorsUse document map to easily search within documents: Section, Thumbnail, Phrase View Real-time collaboration online within Word Can communicate with collaborations via phone, email or IMMicrosoft Excel 2010 Useful business intelligence sharing among your company Make informed decisions faster with sales/company data Better and faster analysis of data Create effective visualisations "charts" Quickly visualise trends within ExcelExcel Backstage View - Sample Reports & Templates New Feature "Slicer" to filter down, dynamically drill down and analyse dataoffice-2010-sparklines Spot revenue trends with SparkLines to show mini charts within cellsBackstage view - set permissions, preview & print in one easy viewMicrosoft Sharepoint 2010 New transitions to creat richer presentation experience Can use animation painter to easily apply animations to items Users can trim video within powerpoint Email features - Compress Media feature to easily compress file size Slides can now be group into sections for easy sharing/collaboration Broadcast slide shows using Sharepoint server Broadcast is great for remote presentations as viewer don't even require a copy of powerpointoffice-2010-outlookMicrosoft Outlook 2010 New clean interface using the ribbon menu Conversation field, similar to Google Wave that shows single conversation lines Can categorisies emails in conversation window Outlook can filter emails in conversation window Mail tips to warn when sending to external users Quick steps, makes common meeting actions 1 click away Meeting requests show previews to reduce double bookingsMicrosoft Web Applications 2010 Microsoft working to make remote work easier You can now use any internet kiosks to access & edit documents Microsoft Web Applications work within Firefox & IE Web Applications preserve the richness of Office 2010 documents online Access your Office documents directly in a your web browser Excel documents can be easily edited on sharepoint servers from any PC just like on the desktop.Microsoft OneNote 2010 Can easily view who has made changes to shared documents Share all your web clippings and notes from the road with colleagues & co-workersMicrosoft Publisher 2007 This video seems to be having issues and will only play audio and will not show the video, so we cannot provide a review at this time.Windows 7 One interesting point is the Microsoft is already updating these videos to promote Windows 7.  It is being marketed under the campaign of "Ready Set 7", you can visit their website and learn more about their replacement to Windows Vista.

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  1. Jorge Camoes

    Excel is the de facto business intelligence tool for most organizations. People are emphasizing the new sparklines chart option. It’s interesting to see this as a standard feature and I hope this also means that Microsoft is paying attention to the data visualization community.

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