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This post should have needed to be written I was looking at US providers for mail forwarding/package delivery and one of the providers I looked at was Shipito but I did notice that one of the product links didn’t actually work, so being a good net citizen I used the contact form to send them the following message.

On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 12:32 AM, David Iwanow <…………….> wrote:
New website inquiry
Name: David Iwanow
Message subject: broken links
I’m just looking at your products and noticed the link needs to be updated on to

After reading my initial message realise my message wasn’t completely clear I did feel that I provided enough information and the request would be passed onto their webmaster/webdevelopers to look at.  This is a typical response and I think if you find something wrong with a page/website you should tell the company about it as part of good karma and improving the future experience for yourself and other visitors.
Don’t argue or correct customer
So I was more than a little annoyed when I received the response from their customer service team saying well that I was wrong and that link did not exist, I wouldn’t really call it much customer service when they are also too lazy to use my name when I took the time to include it on the inquiry form. The Shipito support response is shown below:

We do not have the link on our website and if you select the assisted purchase it will take you to the correct page. I am not sure what link would take you to the page as this is not a page on our site.

So I thought I would help them out finding the broken links with the following 3 links… it’s really not that hard…

  1. W3 Validator
  2. SEOmoz Crawl Test
  3. Link Tiger

So next time you are working in customer service and get an email with an error or problem on your website, take the time to thank the person for reporting it and pass it onto your web developers, don’t advise them they are wrong and it’s not their job to explain what is wrong and place doubt in the accuracy of their issue they discovered.

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