Youtube Dominos Gross-out

This update is related to recent blog posts as it deals with viral video and how they sometimes cannot be beneficial to a companies image.

In the last 24 hours a new viral video has started its rounds, it shows 2 Domino’s staff involved in a Gross-out. The interesting thing is that the company was made away of the video when the AdAge article went to press, so based on the response to #amazonfail how would they react?

Dominos decided not to issue a press release or post a statement online, it was felt that the company could deal with tens of thousands of impressions and a strong response from Domino’s would alert more consumers to their video and cause more embarrassment.

YouTube views

7am – 20,000
9am – 51,000
2pm – 151,000
11pm – 690,000

So is this still the correct response, when will companies acknowledge that once a video/story goes viral nothing can stop it quick enough.

*Update* after 3 months people since this story was first covered, this blog post still attracts a decent number of visitors looking into find out about this issue.  What makes this important for understanding is that just because the viral campaign has stopped this ongoing article traffic shows that the potential fallout may have only just begun.

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  1. thelostagency

    So the big question is that why does the company video still only get 16,000 views… its based around their poor video optimisation of their content on youtube.

    So if they are going to fight viral content, atleast make the effort to ensure that it is possible to find your offical company response?

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