4 Replies to “ShopStyle ShopSense Fails Affiliates”

  1. Jamie

    Thank you for your info. i started using shopsense a few hours ago, already made around 80 clicks but my balance is still zero. Does it take time to see your earnings?


  2. Joe

    Shopsense was great for me for years until they did the same thing recent (August 2013), they shut down my account for no reason. I got it turned back on, but every since then I went from making 200 a month to about $6 a month. Something shady is going on there.

    • David

      Thanks for the feedback Joe, I usually see affiliate programs earn a lot more when they restart and then level back down, it might have been a drop due to life span of the cookie. So people may visit your site and then not convert to a later point in time, so when they deactivated your account you might have lost a lot of the past visitors who converted at a later point.

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