SEOmoz launches SEO Web Application

seomoz logoSEOmoz has finally launched their new SEO Web App today and Rand has covered the launch with a detailed post, including screenshots and a video discussing more about why it was done and what to expect next.  Some of the major points about their new web application has been listed below. Their new web application seeks to offer some of the functionality of enterprise level seo products such as Conductor offer but within the price range that consultants and SMEs can afford to automate some of their site analysis. The new seo platform seeks to leverage some of SEOmoz’s unique tools in one central platform with a long awaited update that allow you to track campaign metrics overtime to allow marketers to measure results.

SEOmoz PRO Accounts updated
The seo web app is now part of the package, and PRO members can now run unlimited Linkscape reports, where in the past they were limited to a certain number each month, larger companies and sites will likely have to look towards upgrading to PRO Elite or PRO Premier accounts to ensure they can make full use of the new SEOmoz web application.
SEO Web Application Features:
  1. Crawling to identify potential site issues
  2. Automatic Tracking of Keyword Rankings
  3. On-Page Grading & Recommendations Report Cards
  4. Link Analysis of your site and competitors
  5. One Comprehensive platform to rule them all
5 Quick Tips to Get Started with SEO Web App
  1. Import some of your top referring keywords from your web analytics
  2. Find pages that rank in the top 10-30 with low grades (Cs, Ds & Fs)
  3. Use the “grade any webpage” feature
  4. Apply labels to your keyword groups to separately track relevant data/metrics
  5. Point out crawl diagnostic issues to a friend or potential client
The site is experiencing a few initial issues with the massive influx of users wanting to test the platform, but once the server issues are resolved you all PRO members can test the SEO Web App. They are also offering a free SEOmoz webinar on the new SEO Web Application preview this Friday if you are not a PRO member and want to test their new SEO web application.