Amazon fail burned at the stake

This is my reply to the post on the original blog Net Effect - Anti-Corporate Activism.It is a very interesting progression to watch, and it seems that this has outraged a number of high profile members of social community. With some supporters resorting to Google bombing Amazon Rank.The question is how would this have changed if it wasn't a public holiday and the company took the matter seriously and responded?There are small rumours of amazon staff responding to the issue but there is no clear word from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos regarding the issue. A complex matter like this needs a strong response with a clear outline and explanation not just oh whoops or it was a minor issue. It seems that many take this correction to their algorithm as a serious breach of TOC and morals.The interesting thing is that Jeff Bezos is an investor in Twitter, how will this change his views, if the twitter community is responsible for taking down his company? Amazon's Bezos Invests in Twitter Twitter Officially Announces Its Funding; Jeff Bezos Participates The Lost Twitter Amazonfail and negative online sentiment

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  1. thelostagency

    It seems that nothing has come out of Amazon regarding the story, like @fiona’s comment much of the internal staff seemed to have gone quite.

    The tweets seem to be slowing down accord to

    The interesting thing is that blogs are ramping up regarding this issue, and actually its generating its own related search traffic. So you think about the scale of the problem that it actually creates new search keywords, people looking for more information.

  2. thelostagency

    Some recent tweets

    @JoinTheImpact RT @katebornstein Looking for alternative to #amazonfail? Shop online at indie #queer bookstore, Giovanni’s Room.

    @stacey_leah : Have y’all seen the amazon mess? I kinda doubt it was really a glitch but who knows. #amazonfail

    @nrodovsky : @rickybuchanan Have you heard about #AmazonFail yet?

    @squarepancake : well I’m glad that I know how to convert ebooks into Kindle-format, because Amazon will not be getting more from me. #amazonfail

    @robertrm : I wonder what the result of #amazonfail were this morning when everyone went back to work at amazon?

  3. R Smith

    Its unacceptable. Whatever happened, its immensely insulting to be ignored by this arrogant company, now thru a normal “workday” (or was Bezos off flying his plane?).

    No official word, half the Internet in an uproar, a hacker claiming credit, then the “ham-fisted” note dribbles out. At the least, they ought to fire their PR firm, if they have one.

    I’m nobody, but I deleted 2 items in my cart, canceled 6 preorders (with scathing comments), deleted my wishlist, in short, did everything but close my account. I re-pre-ordered some books @ BN; my Tarot preorders will go to a small boutique place, as I should have done in the first place. [shrug] it ain’t much, but I’m disgusted…

  4. Donna George Storey

    As an erotica writer, my novel was one of the earlier “victims” of being disappeared on Amazon last Thursday. As of today it’s back in general searches with a sales ranking, as are the other anthologies my work is in. But, even if this was some completely machine-driven glitch, it still feels like a right-wing witch hunt. Amazon absolutely must issue some statement reaffirming their commitment to a “value-judgment-free” store. On the homepage. They have been a great resource for small authors, but if we don’t trust them, they lose, too.

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