Twitter Movie Trailer

Following on from the serious nature of the upcoming movie The Social Network which focuses on the background to how Facebook was started comes a light hearted view on how people interact on social media and how strange talking about it actually sounds. I expect the trailer will go viral soon, as the clip was highlighted by Kristine Schachinger about 4 hours ago on Facebook, with only a few hundred having seen the clip so far compared to over 546,000 seeing The Social Network trailer it has a lot of potential growth past the original 140 characters….

The Twitter movie trailer highlights the common practice of adding Tw- to the start of words or products to make them seem more relevant to the social media audience but The Twitter Movie manages to pull this joke off with some class and will likely only offend only a handful of the social media experts out there. It pokes fun at the rise of the celebrity twits so it will be interesting to see if they see the humour in it….

The Twitter Movie Trailer is well according to the initial reactions and creators is rated simply awesome, so watch the movie trailer below and see if you agree its awesome!

The clip creators IndyMogul decided that if Hollywood can make an overly dramatic film about the early years of Facebook and how it got to 500,000,000 users, why can’t they make an even more overly dramatic movie about Twitter? Well at least they have started with a award winning trailer and wait for the upcoming “The Twit Network” film, it will be simply awesome!