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Predictive Analytics World

PPredictive Analytics Worldredictive Analytics World is part of London's Data Driven Business Week and runs alongside eMetrics London and Conversion Conference London. The conference is a wonderful opportunity for those in the analytics field to meet and network with thought leaders, keynote speakers, published authors, analytics experts and industry peers. Since attending events can be expensive I have also arranged for a discount coupon "LOSTAGENCY13" which you can use to register online save. The reason that you should consider attending is the event is vendor-neutral so it's the best conference to hear about predictive analytics without being part of a sales pitch.Attendees are also lucky enough that Professor Dr. Wil van der Aalst who is the leading voice in Processing Mining which focuses on Discovery, Conformance and Enhancement of Business processes.  There are 2 other keynote speakers Doctor Geert Verstraeten & Doctor John F Elder that will be presenting.  There are also 3 feature sessions which are being presented by Frank Fiorille, Lukas Vermeer and Phil Winters during the 2 days.Speakers presenting at PAW London 2013
  • Dr Derik Burgert - Data Mining Analyst @ BNP Paribas Fortis
  • Brett Cohen - Senior Business Intelligence Analyst @ AOL
  • Dr John Elder - Founder @ Elder Research
  • Frank Fiorille - Director of Risk Management @ Paychex
  • Dr Martine George - Head of Marketing Analytics & Research @ BNP Paribas Fortis
  • Matthias Meul - Customer Intelligence Analyst @ Deutsche Bank Europe
  • Amit Phansalkar - Dir Data Science & Advanced Analytics @ Kantar Media Compete
  • Gery Pollet - Founder @ ZapFi
  • Nauman Sheikh - CEO @ Asrym
  • Professor Dr. Wil van der Aalst - Professor @ Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Veronique Van Vlasselaer - PhD Researcher @ KULeuven
  • Lukas Vermeer - Data Scientist @ Booking.com
  • Dr Geert Verstraeten - Program Chair @ PAW London
  • Phil Winters - Senior Managing Partner @ CIAgenda
Predictive Analytics World Day 1 - Wednesday 23rd October 2013
  • Geert Verstraeten - Opening Session
  • Professor Dr Wil van der Aalst - Predictive Analytics Powered By Process Mining:It’s The Process, Stupid!
  • Matthias Meul - Supporting the branch network using predictive analytics: Predicting Next Investment behavior
  • Frank Fiorille - Customer Retention: Pulling the Needle from the Haystack
  • Nauman Sheikh - An Implementation and Adoption Roadmap for Analytics
  • Veronique Van Vlasselaer - Improving Fraud Detection Techniques using Social Network Analytics for the Belgian government
Predictive Analytics World Day 2 - Thursday 24th October 2013
  • Lukas Vermeer - Data Science: For Fun and For Profit
  • Dr Derik Burgert - Client potential for a better sales force allocation in a B2B banking environment
  • Phil Winters - Combining Forecasting and Clustering on Energy Data
  • Gery Pollet - Influencing consumer acquisition and loyalty through actionable insights and targeted location-based mobile marketing
  • Panel - The Role of Ethics in Analytics
  • Brett Cohen - How Much Are You Worth? Calculating Customer Lifetime Value
  • Amit Phansalkar - Predicting online campaign effectiveness
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Eric Siegel answers 8 questions about predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics World Venue: Etc Venues, 200 Aldersgate Street, London, EC1A, UK

eMetrics Summit London

eMetrics Summit 2013As one of the world's premier marketing optimisation conferences, eMetrics is certainly a wonderful event and London looks to be one of the best events to end 2013.  It's also worthwhile to take advantage of the weak UK currency and travel to London for the event. One point to remember is that you can often save a bit of money booking your conference tickets ahead of time but I have also got a discount coupon if you want to register online and use this "LOSTAGENCY13" coupon code to save even more.eMetrics Conference attendees will learn how to:
  • Increase their marketing ROI via optimisation of campaigns, communications & content
  • Improve your website visitors overall customer experience.
  • Establish a marketing metrics baseline
  • Correlate both your offline and online measurements
  • Connect customer satisfaction data with customer behaviour data
  • Change a corporate culture to embrace marketing experimentation
  • Increase measurable value from your website, campaigns and communications
  • Understand how to make the most of social media through metrics
  • Improve the online customer experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty
Who is speaking at eMetrics 2013? eMetrics is known for attracting the highest level of experts and knowledge leaders in the markeitng industry, the eMetrics Summit explores the art and science of measurement, optimisation and analytics. As part of Data Driven Business week you will listen to the most comprehensive and forward thinking forums on tools, techniques and best practices to help optimise your marketing program.
  • Ed Brocklebank - Senior Digital Analyst @ Havas Media
  • Alex Brown - Digital Analyst @ AB Analytics
  • Xavier Colomes - Senior Web Analyst @ Intuit UK
  • James Cornwall - Digital Analytics Manager @ Shell
  • Matthew Curry  - Head of Ecommerce @ LH Group
  • John D'Arcy - Managing Partner for Analytics @ Blue Hive
  • Stefan Glaenzer - Founding Partner @ Passion Capital
  • Doug Hall - Director of Analytics & Conversions @ Conversion Works
  • John Lee - Senior Vice President of Vertical Markets @ Merkle
  • Tim Leighton-Boyce - eCommerce Web Analytics & Customer Experience @ CxFocus
  • Carmen Mardiros - Independent Analytics Practitioner @ Clear Clues
  • Sanjay Mehra - AVP Analytics & CRM, Direct Business & Digital Marketing @ MetLife
  • Peter O'Neill - Founder @ L3 Analytics
  • Alexandra Paun - Game Analyst @ Wooga
  • Barbara Pezzi - Director of Analytics & Search Optimisation @ Fairmont Raffles Hotels
  • Aurelie Pols - Pan-European Privacy Specalist @ Mind Your Privacy
  • Dave Rhee - Independent Consultant @ Influence Analytics
  • Jabir Salam - Digital Marketing Strategist @ Stradva
  • Craig Sullivan - Director of Optimisation @ RUSH Hair
  • Daniel Waisberg - Analytics Advocate @ Google
  • Jim Sterne - Founder @ eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
eMetrics Day 1 - Wednesday 23rd October 2013
  • 930am > Multinational Analytics - A Different Kind of Numbers Game (James Cornwall & Jabir Salam)
  • 11am > Actionable Analytics (Matthew Curry)
  • 12pm > Drawing the Line on Privacy in the Technical, Ethical & Legal Sands (Aurelie Pols, Tim Leighton-Boyce)
  • 2pm > Beyond Last Touch: Enterprise Attribution (John Lee, Sanjay Mehra)
  • 2:45pm > Tag Management Gotcha (Ed Brocklebank, Doug Hall, Alex Brown)
  • 4pm > Questions & Answers Time (Stefan Glaenzer)
  • 5pm > Measuring Up - a Customer Negotiation (Jim Sterne)
eMetrics Day 2 - Thursday 24th October 2013
  • 930am > A/B Testing - The Proven Appraoch from Wooga (Alexandra Paun)
  • 11am > Formal Roundtable Discussion: First Admin You Have a Problem
  • 12noon > Maximum Marketing Impact with £5k (Barbara Pezzi)
  • 2pm > Making Lifecycle-Centered Analytics Viable for Smaller Business (Carmen Mardiros)
  • 2:45pm > Three Months to Success (Xavier Colomes)
  • 4pm > Confessions of a Data Geek (Craig Sullivan)
  • 5pm > Wrap Stars Expert Panel (Jim Sterne, John D'Arcy, Dave Rhee)
eMetrics London Location:
etc Venues – 200 Aldersgate, St Paul’s, London, EC1A 4HD, United Kingdom
etc venue contact number: +44 (0) 20 3011 0830
Nearby London Hotels: Book online and save

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Conversion Conference – Discounts & Promotions

Conversion Conference 2013London once again ends 2013 with a bang offering a massive 2 day conference dedicated to helping business achieve maximum ROI from their online marketing campaigns, uplift sales from their site and supercharge their websites conversion rates. The conference is based around interactive sessions focused on conversions, live landing page tests, expert panel discussions, amazing networking opportunities and exhibitions from leading vendors.The conference is being run as part of London's Data Driven Business Week, and will feature alongside eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit & Predictive Analytics World with over 2000 decision makers attending from around the globe.Conference Discount & Registration
Book early for London 2013 and save with our 15% Discount Code LOSTAGENCY13  and register for conference here
Conversion Conference Advisory Board
To ensure a high quality of speakers and presenters Conversion Conference has an advisory board that includes:
  • Mike Potts - Elisa Interactive
  • Rob Jackson - Conversion Thursday
  • Doctor Karl Blanks - Conversion Rate Experts
  • Stephen Pavlovich - Conversion Factory
  • Paul Rouke - PRWD
2013 Conversion Conference London Speakers
  • Michael Lykke Aagaard - ContentVerve.com
  • Matt Althauser - Optimizely Europe
  • Leigh Caldwell - Inon Pricing Advisers
  • Matthew Clayton - Mixcloud
  • Kerstin Exner - The Guardian
  • Kevin Gibbons - BlueGlass UK
  • Dave Gowans - Conversion Factory
  • Marty A. Greif - SiteTuners
  • Rob Jacson - Elisa Interactive
  • Hammad Kahn - Entropii.com
  • Joe Leech - cxpartners
  • Gemma MacNaught - Conversion Factory
  • Stuart McMillan - Schuh Limited
  • Mat Morrison - Starcom MediaVest
  • Charles Nicholls - SeeWhy
  • Stephen Pavlovich - Conversion Factory
  • Paul Postance - eCommerce Consultant
  • Paul Rouke - PRWD
  • Oliver Paton - Hotels.com
  • Cliff Seal - Logos Creative & MusicGrid.me
  • Craig Sullivan - @OptimiseOrDie
  • Russell Sutton - Conversion Works
  • Mathew Sweezey - ExactTarget
  • Pete Taylor - The Student Room Group
  • Catherine Toole - Sticky Content
  • Peter Wailes - SEOgadget.com
  • Susan Weinschenk - Weinschenk Institute, LLC
Conversion Conference Day 1 - Wednesday 23rd October 2013
  • Keynote Speaker - Susan Weinschenk
  • Featured Session "Psychology of Pricing" - Leigh Caldwell
  • On target: right content, right person, right time… right now
  • The dial won’t shift anymore: cultural transformation or death
  • Designing a test – from hypothesis to result: how mature is your test design approach?
  • Creating an optimization department
  • You don‘t need to be Shakespeare, but you need to know what matters: copywriting for conversion
  • 10 things to get right in ecommerce from homepage to confirmation
  • Facebook‘s hidden conversion rate impact
  • Featured Session: The Journey to Conversion - Charles Nicholls
  • White hat, grey zones and black hat – where CRO hits the limit
Conversion Conference Day 2 - Thursday 24th October 2013
  • Keynote: Conversion optimisation insights from big retailers - Paul Rouke
  • Universal Analytics – digital intelligence beyond the web
  • Mobile Conversion – it will make or break your business
  • Mislead by the numbers – stats for conversion optimizers
  • Cross device personalization
  • That’s Irrational! Why Selling To The Logical Brain Won’t Get Results
  • Going from one website to three and back to one: lessons learned from a responsive design project at Schuh.co.uk
  • No one cares about your content (yet)!
  • Tool Augmentation: 10 things you didn‘t know you can do with your CRO tools
  • Live website and landing page review panel
Conversion Conference Pass Options
  • Two Day Conversion Conference Pass (Access to Conversion Conference sessions and Expo Hall on 23rd October AND 24th October 2013)
  • One Day Conversion Conference Pass (Access to Conversion Conference sessions and Expo Hall on 23rd October OR 24th October 2013)
  • Combo Pass eMetrics (Access to Conversion Conference & eMetrics sessions + Expo Hall)
  • Super Combo Pass (Access to eMetrics, Conversion Conference AND Predictive Analytics World sessions + Expo Hall)
  • Exhibit Hall Only Pass (Access to Exhibition Hall Only - no conference sessions)
Conference Discount & Registration
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Conversion Conference Venue
etc Venues – 200 Aldersgate, St Paul’s, London, EC1A 4HD, United Kingdom etc venue contact number: +44 (0) 20 3011 0830Nearby London Hotels: Book online and saveConversion Conference Social Media LinksFollow them on twitter @ConvCon, and track the 2013 conversation with hashtag #ConvCon

Conversion Conference London Keynotes

Conversion ConferenceConversion Conference 2012 has kicked things up a gear with the announcement of two amazing keynote speakers.  Running during Data Driven Business Week, Conversion Conference is focused on acceleration of online competitiveness through best practices, smarter adoption of web analytics and discovering better methods and technologies to provide detailed insights into your customers. Some of the other amazing conferences running that week include eMetrics Marketing Optimisation Summit and Predictive Analytics World.Prof. Wolfgang HenselerThe opening keynote is run by Professor Wolfgang Henseler of Sensory-Minds who is a recognised expert of natural user interface design, usability and user experience.  He is also a consultant to Google & Microsoft on what you will see in the next generation of interface designs.  His keynote will examine challenges the role of applications in multi-touch computing and future dimensions in user experience.Matthew Finlay, CEO of Rising Media responded about the keynote announcement “Professor Henseler is a global expert on customer and user-oriented e-business solutions as well as a user and brand experience specialist. He is creating the blueprint for the next generation of websites and as a result is in demand by global enterprises for his expertise in human-computer design.”also adding that“We are thrilled to have Professor Henseler open this year’s conference in what promises to be a very thought provoking keynote presentation.Nick HolzherrThe second keynote is being presented by Nick Holzherr of Whisk who has built a service to simplify the buying process for customers by converting recipes automatically into shopping lists within online supermarkets.Matthew Finlay, CEO of Rising Media was quoted saying that “Nick is one of the UK’s most innovative young entrepreneurs and his new venture Whisk is set to change the way people do their food shopping online. The foundation for Whisk’s success lies the company’s focus on strategic conversion and delegates will see how this is being implemented in this exciting new business.Nathalie NahaiA final speaker Nathahlie Nahai of Web Psychologist has been added as a keynote speaker for Conversion Conference London.  Nathahlie is an award-winning speaker with a background in digital strategy and psychology and one of the leading voices in her frield to have both academic and hands-on experience in online persuasion.  Nathahlie is also a member of #OglivyChange that utilisies cognitive psychology, social psychology and behavioural economics to produce behaviour interventions in real life.Conversion Conference 2012 Pass Options
  • Two Day Conversion Conference Pass (Access to Conversion Conference sessions and Expo Hall on 27th November AND 28th November)
  • One Day Conversion Conference Pass (Access to Conversion Conference sessions and Expo Hall on 27th November OR 28th November)
  • Combo Pass eMetrics (Access to Conversion Conference & eMetrics sessions + Expo Hall)
  • Super Combo Pass (Access to eMetrics, Conversion Conference AND Predictive Analytics World sessions + Expo Hall)
  • Exhibit Hall Only Pass (Access to Exhibition Hall Only - no conference sessions)
Conference Discount & Registration
Book early for London 2012 and save with our 15% Discount Code LOSTAGENCY12  and register for conference here
Conversion Conference Venue
Business Design Centre, Islington 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH, United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7359 3535 Conversion Conference Social Media Links Follow them on twitter @ConvCon, and track the 2012 conversation with hashtag #ConvCon