Twitter offers LOLcat language support

LOLcat ArmyTwitter has announced LOLcat has been launched after a Hack Week project to raise awareness of their translate Twitter project. The Twitter community translation program allows "text strings" in the user interface to be translated.LOL Cat Twitter Translation Direct Messages = Direct Messujs. Kthaxbye! New Message = New Messuj Home = Hum Discover = Discovr Following = Followin Who to Follow = Hoo 2 Follow Expand = Expan. kthx More = Moar View Conversation = View Conversashun Interactions = Interacshuns Mentions = Menshuns Email Notifications = Email Notificashuns View My Profile Page = View mah profile puj Language = Languuj Tweet Location = Tweet Locashun Add Location to My Tweets = Add Locashun to muh tweets Translation Center = Translashun Centr Let others find me by my email address = Let udders fin me by muh email address Forgot your password = Foargot yur password Cancel = Cancel. Kthx.What other languages are next? It's possible that the emergence of LOLcat language that a whole new range of Twitter languages might be coming soon. I would expect these are the more likely languages that might be added soon if Twitter stops trying to claim proprietary rights of the text strings that are translated:
  • Dwarvish (Lord of the Rings)
  • Elvish (Lord of the Rinds)
  • Sindarin (Lord of the Rings)
  • Klingon (Star Trek)
  • Vulcan (Star Trek)
  • Wookie (Star Wars)
  • Huttese (Star Wars)
  • Simlish (SimNation)
  • Dothrakl (Game of Thrones)
  • Fremen (Frank Herbert's Dune)
  • Vampirese (Blade)
  • Parseltongue (Harry Potter)
  • Na'vi (Avatar)
Try LOLCat outYou don't have to change your language settings to test the new language you can click this link to see how it looks in the screenshot of my account below.David Iwanow Twitter